Acerca de Mí / About Me

Juan Fernando Jiménez Buitrago

I am a Colombian Graphic Communicator and 3D Designer, with experience in modelling, rigging and 3D animation, decoration and product renderings; multimedia, layout, corporate identity, digital illustration and musical roadie and recorder.

People describe me as an empathetic, cheerful, daring, studious man with an innocent soul and a mature mind.

mostly used SOFTWARE

Other Softwares: Marvelous Designer, Lightroom, GuitarPro 

Also learning: Unreal Engine 4, AutoCAD, Unity, Rhino


I enjoy working with:

  • People who teach me about their products, their customers, culture and about life.
  • People that want to make this world better.

You will enjoy working with me if:

  • You are a person who enjoys learning and teaching.
  • You like art, music, cultures, science, sci-fi, fantasy and helping people.